Who are you again?

I’m Christopher Sebela, a writer and designer who mostly works in comics that aren’t about superheroes and is forever making a stab at other mediums and chasing ideas that should probably best be forgotten. I also have a dog the internet seems to like.

And what is this, exactly?

It’s a newsletter. A newsletter is like a newspaper that’s really short, doesn’t come out every day and is only about one thing.

Why are you doing a “newsletter”?

I don’t know. It seemed like a thing to do. And maybe someone will give a shit. Maybe that someone will be me? Maybe it will be you? These are details we can sort out later.

So what can I expect from this?

The occasional missive from an idiot sliding into your email every now and then, just enough to not actively annoy you. Said communication will include babbling about stuff I’m working on, new work that no one knows about yet, sneak peeks, weird life trash, dog photos. Something for everyone, ideally.

Can I give you money?

Sure. I would love money.


Christopher Sebela
four-time eisner-losing comics writer, designer and dilettante